Petition for Membership – old

Petition for Membership – old

Confidential – Petition for Membership with Christ Fellowship of Kansas City

From:  (Please print your name) ______________________________________________

To: The elders of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City


I would like to be considered for membership with Christ Fellowship of Kansas City. I have read The Fellowship of the Spirit as well as Restoring Those Who Fall, and I believe both accurately reflect Christ’s standard of conduct for His followers. I have also read Holding Fast the Word of Life and How We Use Our Statement of Faith, along with The Communion of the Body of Christ, Divorce, Remarriage, and Church Polity, and What Christ Fellowship Members May Expect from Pastoral Counseling with Our Elders. Though I may not fully understand or agree with every point of doctrine, I find Holding Fast the Word of Life to be an acceptable summary of biblical truth. With respect to the other documents listed above, even where I disagree in doctrine or practice I agree to cooperate as required in the body of these documents. In all respects I will pursue doctrinal understanding and unity with a humble and teachable spirit.


I know that no local church will ever be perfect, but I believe Christ Fellowship is a true church, organized and governed according to the commands and example of the New Testament, and in obedience to Christ its Head.


I have read the document, Becoming a Member. I understand that the acceptance of this petition does not guarantee membership, but rather begins the process through which I will be considered for membership. I further affirm that my answers to the questions in the second part of this petition are truthful and complete.


Signed: ___________________________________________          Date: ___________________


Please provide the following information:

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Home phone: __________________________

Cell phone: ____________________________

E-mail: _______________________________

Type of employment: ___________________________________________________________

Business address: _____________________________________________________________

Business phone: ________________________

Your date of birth: _______________________

Please tell us about the members of your family and/or others who live with you.

Name                                       Relationship                                         Date of Birth


Petition for Membership (cont.)

(Help Us Get to Know You)



On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to the following, numbering your responses as the items are numbered below. Please type your responses if possible.


Please be assured that any sensitive information will be kept confidential. Private matters will be neither shared nor discussed with anyone other than the elders of Christ Fellowship.


1.  In your own words, briefly list and explain the things you think are absolutely essential for a person to know, believe, or do in order to avoid hell and go to heaven.


2.  Describe in some detail your conversion to Christ, including any portions of Scripture which God used to bring you to repentance and saving faith.


3. What evidence do you see in your own life that helps assure you that you are truly saved?


4. If you have been baptized, describe the circumstances. Include things such as the approximate date, your age at that time, your reason(s) for being baptized, the name and denominational affiliation of the church, the mode used (i.e., immersion, pouring, sprinkling, etc.) and, if possible, the name of the person who baptized you.


5. What is your understanding of the purpose and significance of baptism?


6. Tell us about any gifts, talents, or abilities that you have used, or could use to serve the body of Christ.


7. List the churches where you have been a member or regular attender as an adult, providing at least the name of the church, the city in which it is located, and if known, the name of a pastor. Briefly describe your reason(s) for leaving each church (one short sentence or phrase will suffice).


8. Have you ever left a church because of personal involvement in a conflict, or because you were the subject of church discipline? If yes, please explain.


9. What person(s), living or dead, have influenced you the most in your Christian life? In what way(s) did they contribute?


10. Are there any personal, physical, or family situations your pastors should know about or with which you currently need help? (i.e., disabilities, struggles with sinful behavior, difficult family situations such as marital strife or rebellious children, etc.).


11. Have you ever been divorced and/or remarried after a divorce? If yes, please explain.


12. Are there any other matters which you believe we should know about in order to serve you effectively as pastors?




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