Homes / Meeting Times

On Sunday

Christ Fellowship currently meets in five locations in the greater Kansas City area:

A typical evening looks like this:

4:30-6:30 p.m.  –  Music, open session, main teaching, etc.
6:30-7:30 p.m.  –  Lord’s Supper (carry in meal)
7:30 on  –  Coffee and casual conversation

Guests do not need to bring food for the first visit. It is best to call the pastor of the congregation before visiting. Special meetings, church services in the park, retreats, or baptism evenings might change the meeting plans of the group on any given evening. For more information for first time guests, read Helpful Information for Our Guests.

Regional meetings

Every six to eight weeks, the home congregations within the same region meet together. Usually that meeting is at the same time in the afternoon as the home meetings (4:30 p.m.). At these gatherings one or more of the elders will teach, and a carry in meal will be shared. Feel free to call a pastor to find out scheduling and location information.  Their phone numbers can be found on the Our Leaders’ page.

Other meetings and activities

During the week a number of activities take place. Some of these are for the whole church and others for a particular home congregation. For instance, men and women have alternating six-week studies meeting on Wednesday evenings for two hours in one of the homes. The older youth meet at the same home as the adults every week for their study. Check with the pastor of the home congregation you attend to find out more.

how do we meet?

Coming events

Everyone would expect a new church to begin by meeting in a home. A group consisting of only ten or twenty people would not need a larger meeting place, and the costs involved in buying or renting any sort of building would be prohibitive... Read the Article

our CongregAtions

Christ Fellowship is a church made up of home congregations in the Greater Kansas City area.